Shop Fox W1819 Table Saw – Complete Review

Finding a good table saw can be a confusing task if you’re purchasing it for the first time. If you are a professional craftsman looking for a tool to add to your professional tool collection, we are here to show you Shop Fox W1819 Table Saw. Selecting between a cabinet or a hybrid saw can be confusing as well; that’s why we are going to help you in picking up the right type for your job.

The hybrid saw share most of the features of a cabinet saw; however, the cabinet saw is more powerful and comes with expensive price. The shop fox table saw w1851 is a good investment for those who are looking for a suitable alternative within their budget. This product can get all kind of jobs done, just like any robust cabinet saw. It has a powerful 3HP motor that can easily cut through wood.

Moreover, the tabletop area provided for the machine has generous space to avoid the issue of lack of workspace. Dust-collecting is an issue that bugs most hybrid saws. However, this machine has a 4-inch port that can efficiently work with any industrial vacuum to collect the dust. In this Shop Fox W1819 reviews we are going to help you with every detail of this product so you can make an informed purchase.


  • Highly accurate cuts and precision
  • High quality build
  • Sturdy and stable base
  • Affordable price


  • User need to do the assembly and fine-tuning of the machine
  • Poor quality stock blade
  • Average quality safety features
  • On/Off switch is too small in size

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Shop Fox W1819 Table Saw – Features

Design and Build Quality

W1819 shares some design similarities with another model – W1824. The base of the machine is sturdy and stable. The entire body of the machine is made up of highly durable material, protected by the sturdy case. You get ample amount of work space making it easier to work with various projects; you get adjustable T-glide fences to cut wood with precision. The T-glide walls come with knurled knobs. The knobs are quite easy to handle; fine-tuning is made easier due to the knobs. The miter gauge is also excellent.


This product has a 3HP triple belt drive motor for maximum performance. It produces enough power to work efficiently with hardwoods and other kind of materials. While working it produces very little to no vibrations, ideal for those who are don’t want to disturb their neighbors. However, you need to be aware of the fact that it needs 220v to run – that means it’s not possible to directly plug it in a standard outlet, you need some wiring work for the power source of this W1819.


A 10-inch blade is provided for W1819. The stock blade offered with Shop Fox is quite a low quality, make sure to use a higher quality blade for this machine.


As far as safety features in W1819 are concerned, it’s alright but not impressive by any angle. The machine has a few basic security systems, but nothing much. You get a blade guard and an anti-kickback system. The On/Off switch which is small in size can be a turn off for some customers. You can tilt the blade of the machine in left at 45 degrees max. If you are familiar with using only a contractor or portable saws, you should know that hybrid saws are more powerful than them. It means you are vulnerable to accidents if you handle it carelessly. The best safety method is to understand what you want to do with the machine, always pay attention and be cautious while making cuts by using the saw. Don’t attempt to make the cuts if you have any doubts. Safety features combined with carefulness can prevent any accident easily.

Final Words

After testing the machine for days and asking other professional technicians for their Shop Fox W1819 table saw reviews, we have reached to the conclusion that this is the best table saw by shop fox so far. It’s an excellent tool to have in your professional tool collection. It offers you a great set of features such as a powerful 3HP motor, right miter fence, and a cabinet for dust collection. The thing is that it’s better to buy a hybrid saw that offers almost similar features of any cabinet saw, than an expensive cabinet saw and never use its all the features. That’s why we think if you are satisfied with a decent set of features at an affordable budget – Shop Fox W1819 Table Saw is an excellent pick for you.

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