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If you own a workshop or starting a new one, then the first thing you need to purchase for the workshop is a Table Saw. When it comes to purchase a new Table Saw, there are many options available for you in the market. Out of all the available options, the new DeWalt DW746 is the best choice for you. It’s a hybrid Table Saw which is the most popular and advance table saw available for all types of contractors and workshop owners.

DeWalt is specialize in manufacturing a variety of tools for different industries. If you are searching for a new Table Show, then here we have reviewed the popular DeWalt DW746 Table Saw. All the required information of this machine is given in this article.


  • Easy to assemble and straightforward functionality
  • Well aligned splitter with a flat table
  • Provides smooth and well aligned cuts on the objects
  • Works smoothly on the toughest woods, suitable for big woodworks
  • Equipped with a separate dust collection port
  • Very smooth running operation without making any noise or vibration
  • Inboard motor doesn’t require extra storage space
  • Large and easy to access on and off switches for controlling the operations


  • Guard removing process is very tough
  • The blades are very lousy
  • Lacks of accessories and attachments
  • The booklet doesn’t match up with the given parts of the machine

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If you want to know something more about this powerful Table Saw, then here we have compiled a list of all the useful features which are packed inside this machine. Here’s the list of its features!

DeWalt DW746- Key Features

  • Designed with a massive cast-iron trunnion with strong arbor support
  • Powered by the 1-3/4-horsepower TEFC induction motor which provides accurate cutting on the toughest woods
  • Delivers smooth and accurate cutting performance as per your requirements
  • Easy to handle the blade crank for adjusting the blade’s heights
  • Quick and easy to access blade angle for changing the angle of cutting
  • Equipped with bevel scale and bevel crank for changing the angles of the blades
  • Large and easy to access on and off switch for easy operations
  • Space efficient design
  • Inboard motor provides good space while you work
  • Easy to store against the wall with inboard motor
  • It doesn’t include the traditional rail system
  • Equipped with the dust collection port to attach a vacuum cleaner or your own dust collecting system

These are all the useful features packed inside this popular Table Saw machine, the SEWALT DEW746. If we talk about the current market, this machine is highly recommended by the experts who have been working with the same machine for years. The machine provides accurate cutting and powerful performance for their big woodworking projects. You will never have any complaints about its performance.

If you are searching for a reliable and powerful machine tool for your woodworks, then DeWalt DW746 is the best choice for you.

This machine runs smoothly by locking down the objects precisely. Unlike other wood machines, this machine has simple and easy to use functionality. It always travels parallel to the blades which make precise cuts on the objects.

The machine features cast iron trunnion which provides full support to the object for delivering best of performance with accurate cutting. The machine also features blade elevation crank which lets you adjust the blade’s height as per your requirements. The crank makes the blade adjustment tasks quick and easy so you can easily adjust the height of the blade while working on the machine.

For adjusting the blade angle, the machine features bevel scale and bevel crank. Each revolution of the crank is equal to 2-degrees of the bevel. This allows you to put precise bevel cuts on the object. It also lets you adjust the angle of the blade quickly and provides precise cutting every time you need it. For easy operations, the machine has on and off switch. You can quickly turn on and turn off the switch to start or stop the machine.

The Dewalt DW746 machine is powered by a 1¾hp TEFC induction motor which provides powerful performance for cutting down the toughest woods. You can also adjust the speed of the motor for cutting down a variety of woods as per your requirements. The functionality of the machine is easy and simple to use for everyone.

Furthermore, the machine’s design is quite unique and the motor is located inboard. The motor will not affect your work and you will have a smooth wood cutting operations without any interruptions. The sidewise inboard motor makes it easier for the user to store it against the wall. The inboard motor doesn’t vibrate while working on the tough woodworks. It also makes the cutting process much easier for the user. So whenever the machine is not in use, you can simply store it against the machine, it requires very less space for storage.

Unlike other Woodcutting table saws, this machine is designed with convenience and ease of use for all types of users. The DW746 is equipped with a separate dust collecting port. You can easily attach your dust collecting system or vacuum cleaner to this port and it will collect all the dust produced during the wood cutting process. You don’t need to mess up with the wood-dust as the dust-collecting system will collect all the dust easily.

Where to buy DeWalt DW746?

You can buy this product from the official Amazon’s website. Go ahead and click here to visit the official page.

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