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Finding a truly portable table saw can be challenging. Some models are made to be very portable, but they lack the power and precision you would expect from a top quality table saw. The DeWalt DW745 Table Saw, though, provides the ultimate in portability, power and precision. These are the three “P’s” that you depend on having when you buy a table saw.

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The DeWalt DW745 Table Saw is made to be moved from one location to another with ease. Since it is compact and weighs just 45 pounds, you will have no problem taking this saw from the truck to the work site and beyond.


This saw gives you the cutting power that hard jobs demand. With a powerful 15 amp motor, you will have no trouble cutting through the hardest of woods.


At the end of the day, it is all about results. If you are not cutting precisely, you are wasting time. The rack and pinion rip fence allows you to cut on the mark every time you work.


  • Powerful 15 amp motor tears through wood without a problem
  • Fence is built with rack and pinion technology for accuracy
  • Fence telescopes for portability
  • Rip is 16 inches for use on lots of project types
  • Blade adjusts from 0 to 45 degrees for bevel applications

As you can see, the folks at DeWalt have packed in some very nice features to make the DeWalt DW745 a true portable table saw. You will never have to worry about lugging around a huge table saw at your job sites anymore. The convenience factor alone makes this a table saw worth buying, but when you factor in all the other features DeWalt has packed onto this saw, it is a no-brainer.

Customer Reviews

It is always good to see what real life customers have to say about a table saw before you buy it. We found over 60 customer reviews for the DeWalt DW745 online. Nearly every customer gave this table saw the highest marks possible. Since DeWalt rarely fails to impress, it is easy to understand why customers love this model so much. It is just the way DeWalt builds their tools.

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