DeWalt DW744X Table Saw Reviews & Buying Guide

When you work in construction, carpentry, or just like to do building projects as a hobby, you need to have the right kind of tools to do the job right. That means having a powerful table saw in your arsenal. For years, DeWalt has been making power tools that the pros trust on their jobs. The DeWalt DW744X Job-Site Table Saw is one of their most popular models with people, and once you see what they have packed onto this tough table saw, you will understand why.

 DeWalt DW744X Table Saw A high-powered cutting machine that can be set up and taken down with ease. Find out more about this saw from our recommended supplier.

Portable Table Saw

It helps to have a table saw that is easy to move around and set up. If you have to stay stationary on the job site, it is a heck of a lot harder to be productive than when you are free to move around. That means you need a tool that is easy to carry and set up in new locations. The DeWalt DW744X is designed for mobile use on the job site. No matter where you go, it just takes a minute to set up this saw. It is not equipped with wheels like some portable table saws, but it does have some features that make it very compact and easy to carry from one place to another.

DW744X Woodworker Features

  • A powerful table saw with a 15 amp motor that reaches no load speeds of 3,650 rpm
  • Tool free adjustments are a snap with the Site Pro Modular Guarding System
  • Fence rails are telescoping, so you can easily transport this table saw
  • Easy to clean up thanks to the dust collection port
  • Comes with a three year limited warranty and a 90 day money back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction

Easy to Set Up and Take Down

Perhaps the most useful feature on the DW744X besides its powerful accurate cutting ability, is how simple it is to set up and take down. As you know, on the job site, time is money. You do not have to fuss with this table saw to get it set up or to take it down to move to a new location. The time you save alone will pay off this saw in a short amount of time.

User Reviews

We found some very favorable customer reviews for this table saw while doing research for this review. Customers have commented about how easy it is to move this saw around their job sites and have raved about its powerful cutting ability.
You are only as good on the job as the tools you use. If you have been looking for a table saw that is simple to set up, easy to carry, but still packed with power for effortless cutting, then the DW744X is the portable table saw you’ve been looking for. Since it comes from DeWalt, you know that you are getting a top quality saw for your money.

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