Delta 36-716B Table Saw Reviews 2020

When you are staring down a truck load of wood, you need a table saw you can depend on. Think about the work it takes to get most projects done. Do you want to risk the success of your project by using anything less than the best tools you can get? Of course not. That is why you will want to read through this entire review. You’ll find out whether or not this hybrid table saw is the right one for you.

Delta 36-716B Table Saws Reviews 2020 An excellent machine that is powerful and built to last. See pricing information and more at

Powerful Cutting

To really rip through wood, you need a powerful tool. There’s no sense in starting off work with a saw that is going to jam or bog down when you start getting into your groove. The Delta 36-716B Hybrid Saw is built with a 1.75 horsepower motor. That means that no matter how much cutting you have to do, this saw will be up to the challenge. You don’t quit until the job is done, and neither should your saw.

Features of the 36-716B

  • 30 inch unifence from Delta
  • Side table board included
  • See-thru blade guard with splitter & anti-kickback fingers
  • Adjustable 45 & 90 degree bevel stops
  • Also includes, rip fence, miter gauge, 10 inch blade and other table saw accessories

If you’ve seen Delta table saws on job sites or if you’ve had the pleasure of using them before, you know that they are tools that live up to the hype. Every tool company claims to make tough, reliable tools, but Delta goes above and beyond the competition. They make sure that their tools are reliable for professional carpenters and construction workers.

Even though the Delta 36-716B Hybrid Saw is built with commercial quality, it is still priced like an at-home saw. That means even if you are not a professional, you can still have pro-quality in your home shop when you buy this saw. This hybrid table saw comes highly recommended for use at home or on the job site, for serious work done right.

Assembly is easy and quick. Delta gives you detailed instructions to have this table saw set up and ready to go in a snap. If you hate putting things together, you will love how easy Delta makes setting up the 36-716B. Find more information, including customer reviews and pricing.

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