DeWalt DW744XRS Table Saw Reviews 2019

The quest for a quality portable table saw can sometimes seem impossible. There are plenty of models out there, but most of the supposedly “portable table saws” are not usually all that portable or easy to get around. This saw may just change your mind about finding a portable table saw that packs a punch. This powerful yet compact table saw is getting a lot of attention from carpenters, construction workers and woodworking enthusiasts from all walks of life.

DeWalt DW744XRS Table Saws

A high powered saw from DeWalt with added portability. Read more about the features, specifications and more at our recommended supplier.

DeWalt Quality

People are buying the DeWalt DW744XRS Table Saw because – for starters – they know and respect the DeWalt commitment to quality tools. For decades DeWalt has been selling some of the best tools that money can buy. They have built on their great reputation for quality with this machine. This is a truly portable table saw that could easily change how productive you are during a work day. We all want to get more work done in less time, and with this saw that may finally become a reality

DW744XRS Features

  • Tool free guarding adjustments – thanks to the Site-Pro Modular Guarding System
  • Handy telescoping fence that gives you a full 24.5 inch rip capacity, while still staying portable and compact
  • Fast, accurate fence adjustments with the rack and pinion fence
  • 15 amp motor with enough power to rip through hardwoods and the toughest treated lumber
  • Compact design that makes this the easiest transporting table saw around
  • On board storage for table saw accessories

If you have heard tales of well built, powerful portable table saws but always felt let down when you saw the models in question, get ready to be surprised. With the rolling stand, handles and compact design, the DeWalt DW744XRS is a saw that you can easily take virtually anywhere on your next job.

Customer Reviews

When we write table saw reviews, we always check out what people are saying online. There are a few customer reviews for the DeWalt DW744XRS, and the majority of buyers have given this model some great grades. Though there were a few minor complaints about the telescoping fence, those complaints were in the minority. Most buyers simply raved about how much work they get done with this tool.
If you are working on projects that require a portable table saw, the DeWalt DW744XRS Table Saw is just what you’ve been waiting for.

Make life on the job site much easier by investing in this machine.

DeWalt DW744X Table Saw Reviews & Buying Guide

When you work in construction, carpentry, or just like to do building projects as a hobby, you need to have the right kind of tools to do the job right. That means having a powerful table saw in your arsenal. For years, DeWalt has been making power tools that the pros trust on their jobs. The DeWalt DW744X Job-Site Table Saw is one of their most popular models with people, and once you see what they have packed onto this tough table saw, you will understand why.

DeWalt DW744X Table Saw

A high-powered cutting machine that can be set up and taken down with ease. Find out more about this saw from our recommended supplier.

Portable Table Saw

It helps to have a table saw that is easy to move around and set up. If you have to stay stationary on the job site, it is a heck of a lot harder to be productive than when you are free to move around. That means you need a tool that is easy to carry and set up in new locations. The DeWalt DW744X is designed for mobile use on the job site. No matter where you go, it just takes a minute to set up this saw. It is not equipped with wheels like some portable table saws, but it does have some features that make it very compact and easy to carry from one place to another.

DW744X Woodworker Features

  • A powerful table saw with a 15 amp motor that reaches no load speeds of 3,650 rpm
  • Tool free adjustments are a snap with the Site Pro Modular Guarding System
  • Fence rails are telescoping, so you can easily transport this table saw
  • Easy to clean up thanks to the dust collection port
  • Comes with a three year limited warranty and a 90 day money back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction

Easy to Set Up and Take Down

Perhaps the most useful feature on the DW744X besides its powerful accurate cutting ability, is how simple it is to set up and take down. As you know, on the job site, time is money. You do not have to fuss with this table saw to get it set up or to take it down to move to a new location. The time you save alone will pay off this saw in a short amount of time.

User Reviews

We found some very favorable customer reviews for this table saw while doing research for this review. Customers have commented about how easy it is to move this saw around their job sites and have raved about its powerful cutting ability.
You are only as good on the job as the tools you use. If you have been looking for a table saw that is simple to set up, easy to carry, but still packed with power for effortless cutting, then the DW744X is the portable table saw you’ve been looking for. Since it comes from DeWalt, you know that you are getting a top quality saw for your money.

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DeWalt DW745 Table Saw Reviewed | 2019

Finding a truly portable table saw can be challenging. Some models are made to be very portable, but they lack the power and precision you would expect from a top quality table saw. The DeWalt DW745 Table Saw, though, provides the ultimate in portability, power and precision. These are the three “P’s” that you depend on having when you buy a table saw.

DeWalt DW745 Table Saws | Read Reviews

An excellent addition to your on-site tools from DeWalt. Find out more by reading ratings, reviews and more at our recommended supplier.


The DeWalt DW745 Table Saw is made to be moved from one location to another with ease. Since it is compact and weighs just 45 pounds, you will have no problem taking this saw from the truck to the work site and beyond.


This saw gives you the cutting power that hard jobs demand. With a powerful 15 amp motor, you will have no trouble cutting through the hardest of woods.


At the end of the day, it is all about results. If you are not cutting precisely, you are wasting time. The rack and pinion rip fence allows you to cut on the mark every time you work.


  • Powerful 15 amp motor tears through wood without a problem
  • Fence is built with rack and pinion technology for accuracy
  • Fence telescopes for portability
  • Rip is 16 inches for use on lots of project types
  • Blade adjusts from 0 to 45 degrees for bevel applications

As you can see, the folks at DeWalt have packed in some very nice features to make the DeWalt DW745 a true portable table saw. You will never have to worry about lugging around a huge table saw at your job sites anymore. The convenience factor alone makes this a table saw worth buying, but when you factor in all the other features DeWalt has packed onto this saw, it is a no-brainer.

Customer Reviews

It is always good to see what real life customers have to say about a table saw before you buy it. We found over 60 customer reviews for the DeWalt DW745 online. Nearly every customer gave this table saw the highest marks possible. Since DeWalt rarely fails to impress, it is easy to understand why customers love this model so much. It is just the way DeWalt builds their tools.

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DeWalt DW745R Table Saw Reviews 2019

If you have been looking into some of the portable table saws on the market, you may feel like there simply are not too many good options to choose from. Luckily the folks at DeWalt have put together a table saw that is not only portable, but powerful too – the DeWalt DW745R Heavy Duty Compact Job Site Table Saw. This saw is made to be moved from one location to another with minimal effort and fuss. It sets up in minutes and is just as simple to break down at the end of the day.

DeWalt DW745R Table Saws Honest Reviews 2019

A portable, powerful table saw from DeWalt. Find out more information, including pricing at our recommended supplier.

Working On the Go

When you are on the job site, you never know when you might have to move to another location. Some table saws that are billed as portable are really just standard table saws with handles or other additions to make them a little easier to move. The DW745R, on the other hand, is a truly portable table saw. It features telescoping parts and a roll cage to make sure that everything stays safe and secure while you are on the move.

Features of the DW745R

  • Weighs just 45 pounds, so it is easy to carry around
  • 16 inch rip capacity
  • Telescoping rack and pinion fence for compact portability
  • Rubber feet for stability on any surface
  • Roll cage to protect the table saw from damage

Conditions on the average work site are not always what you would choose for precision cutting. This saw allows you to work, no matter where you are working. And the best part is, you will have a powerful saw that rips through lumber without a problem, all wrapped up in a small, compact design that is simple to transport. A true portable table saw.

Read Customer Reviews

To give you a complete table saw review, we decided to check out the customer comments online. Real life customers have given this table saw a 4.5 star rating out of a possible 5 stars. Those are some pretty good reviews, and they should tell you that this is a quality table saw that provides cutting power and precision without being too big to move around.
If you have been searching for a portable table saw that is still powerful and accurate, look no further than the DeWalt DW745R. It is a tough, portable saw that can hold its own against any table saw on the market today.

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DeWalt DW746 Table Saw | 2019 | Reviewed

If you are looking for a contractor-grade saw, but simply do not have the room to store one, you might think that your options are pretty limited. They are not though, thanks to the DeWalt DW746 Woodworker Intermediate Table Saw. As you know, DeWalt specializes in making high quality tools at an affordable price. They have kept up that tradition with this incredible table saw. This is a power tool you will be proud and pleased to use every time you begin work on a project.

DeWalt DW746 Table Saw : Read Reviews

Another quality cutting machine from DeWalt. See more information by visiting our recommended supplier.

Low Vibration Levels

Some saws are powerful, but they simply vibrate too much when you use them. The DeWalt DW746 Woodworker Intermediate Table Saw is built with a special induction motor that decreases vibration levels significantly. No more dealing with distracting noisy vibrations when you are trying to make a precision cut. This saw gives you a stable way to cut every piece of wood.

DW746 Woodworker Features

  • 1.75 horsepower induction motor
  • Fantastic dust collection system
  • Easy to reach on/off switch that you can operate with your knee
  • Easy to use blade crank system
  • 10 inch left tilt design

You cannot afford to take your mind off the wood you are cutting, no matter what kind of project you are working on. The DeWalt DW746 Woodworker Intermediate Table Saw makes it easy to concentrate on the work at hand, with features that make cutting lumber effortless. This model does not come with a fence, so it is important to make note of that if you plan to purchase it. Of course, this is not a show stopper for most craftsmen, but it is worth taking note of.

Customer Reviews

DeWalt consistently makes products that people love. We checked out the customer reactions to this model to see what people are saying. Nearly every customer gave this table saw a 4 or 5 star rating out of a possible 5 stars. It is rare that a tool can please so many people, but DeWalt seems to have done it again with this great product.
For a compact alternative to traditional contractor saws, the DeWalt DW746 Woodworker Intermediate Table Saw is the perfect alternative. You will love having the cutting power and precision of a contractor saw without taking up too much floor space in your shop.

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Top DeWalt Table Saws for 2019

DeWalt DW746

The DW746 Woodworker Table Saw is one of the best blends of performance and value on the market today. This highly rated saw does an excellent job of collecting dust and reducing vibration while you cut.

DeWalt DW745R

The DW745R is a heavy duty table saw that is perfect for the work site. This machine is extremely easy to set up and take down, and features many telescoping parts to enhance it’s portability.

DeWalt DW745

The DW745 Portable Table Saw is an excellent machine for someone who works on the job site. This saw is extremely portable, powerful and precise – everything you need in a table saw.

DeWalt DW744X

This Portable Table Saw is everything you are looking for in an on-site saw. This machine provides all the portability you need without sacrificing cutting power.

DeWalt DW744XRS

The DW744XRS is one of the best portable saws you can invest in. This machine sacrifices very little power while providing you excellent portability, and a short set up and tear down time.


Delta 36-715B Table Saw Reviews 2019

When you do woodworking, it is you against the lumber. To get the results you want from the wood you are using, you need the right tools. If you’re serious about your carpentry work, the DELTA 36-715B Hybrid Saw is a power tool that you need to know more about. This is a durable, flexible tool that will be the centerpiece of your shop or work room.

Delta 36-715B Table Saws Reviews 2019

A high quality machine that packs plenty of cutting power. Visit our recommended supplier for more ratings and reviews.

Powerful Cutting

You know that it takes real power to rip through wood continuously. For people who only need to cut a small board here and there, the 36-715B may be a bit too much of a saw. But if you do a lot of cutting and need an accurate, powerful saw, this is one that is sure to help you work more efficiently and accurately than ever before. It is loaded with features that any serious woodworker needs.

Features of the 36-715B

  • Powerful 1-3/4 HP motor
  • Overload protection
  • Bit on/off switch for easy use
  • See-thru blade guard with anti-kickback fingers
  • Adjustable bevel stops that are easy to adjust, right from the table top
  • Comes with the saw, see-thru blade guard, rip fence, miter gauge, 10” blade, table insert, arbor pulley, cabinet, rail, 30” fence and V-Belt

Contractor Quality at Home or on the Job

Whether you decide to use this saw in a professional shop or at your own home shop, you will get the results you’re looking for. There is plenty of table surface, so you won’t have any difficulties handling wood of virtually any size. And with all the accessories included with this saw, you’ll be ready to set up and go right out of the box.

Customer Reviews

No hybrid saw review would be complete without listing some customer reviews. We found a few online reviews for this saw and everyone gave it top marks. Complaints about this saw were very few and far between. It seems that everyone who buys this piece of equipment just seems to love it.

If you’re ready to take your shop to the next level of excellence and craftsmanship, the DELTA 36-715B Hybrid Saw is a saw that you need to put at the top of your “to buy” list. Read more about the features and pricing of this great power tool.

Delta 36-716B Table Saw Reviews 2019

When you are staring down a truck load of wood, you need a table saw you can depend on. Think about the work it takes to get most projects done. Do you want to risk the success of your project by using anything less than the best tools you can get? Of course not. That is why you will want to read through this entire review. You’ll find out whether or not this hybrid table saw is the right one for you.

Delta 36-716B Table Saws Reviews 2019

An excellent machine that is powerful and built to last. See pricing information and more at

Powerful Cutting

To really rip through wood, you need a powerful tool. There’s no sense in starting off work with a saw that is going to jam or bog down when you start getting into your groove. The Delta 36-716B Hybrid Saw is built with a 1.75 horsepower motor. That means that no matter how much cutting you have to do, this saw will be up to the challenge. You don’t quit until the job is done, and neither should your saw.

Features of the 36-716B

  • 30 inch unifence from Delta
  • Side table board included
  • See-thru blade guard with splitter & anti-kickback fingers
  • Adjustable 45 & 90 degree bevel stops
  • Also includes, rip fence, miter gauge, 10 inch blade and other table saw accessories

If you’ve seen Delta table saws on job sites or if you’ve had the pleasure of using them before, you know that they are tools that live up to the hype. Every tool company claims to make tough, reliable tools, but Delta goes above and beyond the competition. They make sure that their tools are reliable for professional carpenters and construction workers.

Even though the Delta 36-716B Hybrid Saw is built with commercial quality, it is still priced like an at-home saw. That means even if you are not a professional, you can still have pro-quality in your home shop when you buy this saw. This hybrid table saw comes highly recommended for use at home or on the job site, for serious work done right.

Assembly is easy and quick. Delta gives you detailed instructions to have this table saw set up and ready to go in a snap. If you hate putting things together, you will love how easy Delta makes setting up the 36-716B. Find more information, including customer reviews and pricing.

Delta 36-L552 Table Saw Reviews 2019 | Buying Guide

Whether you do cabinet making, boat construction or any other type of wood work, you know the importance of having a good table saw. The Delta 36-L552 Unisaw gives you the size, power and precision that you need to make the most of the time you spend working. Why settle for anything less than top quality when it comes to the work that you do? When you use the 36-L552 you will understand why Delta is known for offering high quality, innovative tools.

Delta 36-L552 Table Saws Reviews 2019

An incredibly powerful machine that can handle any cutting task. See more information by visiting our recommended supplier.

Easy to Use

Some big table saws get the job done, but are difficult to deal with. It seems that some manufacturers just cannot balance power with stability. The Delta 36-L552 Unisaw, on the other hand, gives you plenty of cutting power but without all the vibration and jerkiness that you might experience with similar table saws. You will be surprised to find out how much easier it is to get through big jobs when you do not have to put up with constant vibrating.

Features of the 36-L552

  • It is easy to adjust the blade height and bevel with the dual front cranks
  • The single-cast trunnion system minimizes vibration for smoother cutting
  • The Bevel Dial lets you fine tune the blade bevel easily and accurately to within ¼ degree
  • Cabinet is constructed of cast iron base for stability
  • Available in 3 and 5 horsepower models

A Saw for All Occasions

Once you get used to using the Delta 36-L552, you will find that it becomes your go-to cutting tool for virtually any kind of job. There’s nothing like having a highly accurate but extremely powerful table saw, and that is just what the folks at Delta have put together with this machine.

If you feel like your shop is missing a truly powerful cutting tool, this is a table saw that you cannot afford to overlook. Delta has always pushed the envelope in offering breakthrough tools, and they have continued that tradition with the engineering of the Delta 36-L552 Unisaw. People who know tools know that Delta power tools are in a league of their own. This is a highly recommended table saw for people who want accurate cuts every single time they go to work.

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Delta 36-L336 Table Saw | Reviews 2019

Table saws have gone through a lot of changes over the years. Today, the best table saws are the results of innovative engineering changes and improvements. There is no better example of these improvements than can be seen in the Delta 36-L336 Unisaw. Some people have called this the “table saw of the future”, and it is easy to understand why. There simply are not many tools built with all of the helpful features and functionality that this model has.

Delta 36-L336 Table Saws Honest Reviews 2019

Another high quality table saw from Delta. See more about this table saw by visiting our recommended supplier.

Serious Horsepower

Cutting through wood and other fabricated materials calls for a powerful motor. If you have tried cutting through tough wood with a less powerful table saw, you know how frustrating and difficult it can be. The Delta 36-L336 Unisaw makes it easy with a powerful 3 horsepower motor that easily tears through nearly anything you put in the path of its blade. You will easily improve your productivity levels by putting this table saw to work in your shop.

36-L336 Features

  • Sure-Lock Dual front cranks for easy access to the dual front cranks
  • Dust collection is improved with the Bi-Level Dust Extraction
  • Better visibility with the precision bevel gauge
  • Tool-free split guard improves blade line of sight
  • Single-Cast Trunnion for the ultimate in accuracy

Power and Accuracy – The Best of Both Worlds

Some table saws give you a great line of sight and others give you plenty of power. It is rare that you find a table saw that gives you both. When you buy the Delta 36-L336 Unisaw, you are getting a saw that has been engineered to meet the needs of real people that work with wood every day. This is a commercial quality tool that you can set up at home or at work to make the toughest cutting jobs simple.

Delta Quality

You see Delta saws in top shops all over the world, and there’s plenty of good reasons why – they make some of the finest tools available today. If you have always wanted a shop quality saw in your home woodworking shop, the Delta 36-L336 Unisaw is the power tool you’ve been waiting for. With Delta’s impressive track record and flair for innovation, it is easy to recommend this saw to anyone who takes working with lumber seriously.

Find out more about the feature-packed 36-L336.