DeWalt DW746 Table Saw | 2019 | Reviewed

If you are looking for a contractor-grade saw, but simply do not have the room to store one, you might think that your options are pretty limited. They are not though, thanks to the DeWalt DW746 Woodworker Intermediate Table Saw. As you know, DeWalt specializes in making high quality tools at an affordable price. They have kept up that tradition with this incredible table saw. This is a power tool you will be proud and pleased to use every time you begin work on a project.

DeWalt DW746 Table Saw : Read Reviews

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Low Vibration Levels

Some saws are powerful, but they simply vibrate too much when you use them. The DeWalt DW746 Woodworker Intermediate Table Saw is built with a special induction motor that decreases vibration levels significantly. No more dealing with distracting noisy vibrations when you are trying to make a precision cut. This saw gives you a stable way to cut every piece of wood.

DW746 Woodworker Features

  • 1.75 horsepower induction motor
  • Fantastic dust collection system
  • Easy to reach on/off switch that you can operate with your knee
  • Easy to use blade crank system
  • 10 inch left tilt design

You cannot afford to take your mind off the wood you are cutting, no matter what kind of project you are working on. The DeWalt DW746 Woodworker Intermediate Table Saw makes it easy to concentrate on the work at hand, with features that make cutting lumber effortless. This model does not come with a fence, so it is important to make note of that if you plan to purchase it. Of course, this is not a show stopper for most craftsmen, but it is worth taking note of.

Customer Reviews

DeWalt consistently makes products that people love. We checked out the customer reactions to this model to see what people are saying. Nearly every customer gave this table saw a 4 or 5 star rating out of a possible 5 stars. It is rare that a tool can please so many people, but DeWalt seems to have done it again with this great product.
For a compact alternative to traditional contractor saws, the DeWalt DW746 Woodworker Intermediate Table Saw is the perfect alternative. You will love having the cutting power and precision of a contractor saw without taking up too much floor space in your shop.

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